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A Quick Glimpse of Some of Our Volunteers
Taaru Askan Farm has hosted over 80 volunteers during the past five years


Katerina Hoppenstedt (Switzerland)

From Switzerland, Katherina has volunteered four times at the Farm.

She is part of the Taaru Askan family and her love and care for the Farm

animals has endeared her to the staff. We are honored to include

Katerina as part of the Taaru Askan Team.


Cricket Liebrmann (US)

From Vermont USA, this is Cricket's second time volunteering at the Farm . She helps the staff with food transformation and with all the daily tasks.Cricket love of nature, adventure and people make here a perfect fit for Taaru Askan Farm. Her next stay she plans to bring her family with her so they as well can enjoy the Farm and the team at Taaru Askan.


Ana is from Spain, where she completed a Ph.D. program in Plant Biology. As a doctoral student, much of her time was spent working in a lab. Because of this, Ana decided to come work at Taaru Askan in order to obtain practical experience working in the field with crops.  But even more so Taaru Askan changed her life as she is now married and living in Spain with one of our former farm workers.

Julia Tinneny (USA)

"Working at Taaru Askan Farm went beyond granting me the opportunity to gain familiarity with Senegalese agriculture. I was able to build relationships with the long term staff and explore the local town. Nicole and Mamadou bring great, warm vibes and happiness to the farm. It was a pleasure to stay!" 

Gary and Dellie McAdam (USA)

"The Taaru Askan Farm has shown that sustainable organic farming is not only possible in Senegal for both the village farmer's family needs and commercial farming. Taaru Askan Farm has also successfully produced both vegetables and fruit not normally grown in Senegal.

As Peace Corps Volunteers from 2013-2015 in the area gave us the opportunity to become close friends with Nicole and Mamadou.  We work with them on some of their trial projects at the farm that tied in with our organic farming projects at our village. Since leaving Senegal it's been exciting following the success and growth of Taaru Askan."

Casi Lund (USA)

"My time at Taaru Askan was one of the most wonderful experiences during my time in Senegal. It was such a joy to work with Nicole, Mamadou, Frank, and the team. From the minute I stepped on the farm, I felt welcome and at peace. This was my first experience WWOOF'ing, and I was met with great patience and smiles. I got great joy from my work on the farm and I left with a new understanding of organic farming in the region and new friends. Given the opportunity, I would go back to the farm in a heartbeat. There is really nothing like waking up early, sweating hard, and then heading to what feels like your own beach mere footsteps away." 

Emilie and Pierre  (France)  

"Taaru Askan Farm, un endroit où les échanges de savoir et de cultures nous permette d'apprendre à cultiver la terre avec amour et passion. Nous avons passer un séjour formidable et inoubliable aux côtés des membres de l'équipe et de Nicole et Mamadou Sarr. Nous recommandons à tous les WWOOF'ers amoureux des animaux et de l'agriculture de faire un détour à Mbodiene!! C'était pour nous un voyage très dépaysant et remplis de souvenirs ...""Taaru Askan Farm, a place where the exchange of knowledge and culture allows us to learn how to cultivate the land with love and passion. We had a wonderful and unforgettable stay alongside the team members and Nicole and Mamadou Sarr. We recommend that all WWOOF'ers, animal and agricultural lovers make a detour to Mbodiene!! It was a very unique journey that has left us with with many happy memories...''

Kim Tierney (USA)

"I noticed how quickly I became close with everyone at the farm and I think a huge part of that is from eating around the bowl all together. I loved sharing meals with everyone as a way to bond.

My month at Taaru Askan passed so quickly. By the time I left, I felt like I was leaving my family. We all worked so well together, laughed so much together and it was hard to leave. I know I will keep in touch with everyone and come back to Taaru Askan in the future.

While staying at TAF, I felt so relaxed and in touch with nature. Almost everyday, I would see the sun rise and set, watch the moon rise, see the stars and visit the beach. I can't remember the last time I was so aware and in tune with nature."


Hanibi (France) 

Hanbi is 25 years old, and is currently a postgrad student studying sociology. She has a background in Art & Cinema from Paris. She loves to travel, volunteer in different places and does video projects. She is currently producing a promotional video for Taaru Askan Farm. She came to Senegal because she was attracted to its culture, landscape and its people, and decided to volunteer at Taaru Askan to spend time in nature and learn about the people and about organic farming. She finds the farm “A beautiful, lovely place! Great fruits, diverse crops and adorable animals. I really enjoyed my time at the Farm and the staff were very friendly, helpful and welcoming.”

Global Citizen Year Fellows (USA)

Wonderful people and place
Yoni Bork (USA)


Amazing staff and Experience!!!  
Thank you Florent (France)

It was during the summer and very hot but worth every minute of the experience. Thank you!!!  Sebastin Quebec, (Canada)

"It's a great initiative that makes healthy, sustainable food more available and serves as a model for other local farmers and buyers"Shruthi Venkata, (USA)

Learned so much culturally and opened up my eyes. Thank you!!!
           Seraphina (USA)

So so so much fun!!!
Anastasia & Nina (France)

"Taaru Askan Farm was an amazing place to spend three months. The welcome, peace and tranquility, and beautiful space. Thank you Nicole and Mamadou! "Constanz (Germany)

The staff was amazing and the Farm atmosphere peaceful and joyful.ThankyouEstelle (France) 

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