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Who We Are

About Us

Taaru Askan is a 3-hectare organic farm and non-profit association that is located along Senegal’s Petite Cote. While we are best known for the large variety of fresh greens that we sell at local markets and through our CSA, we also grow a diverse variety of organic vegetables and fruit trees and work closely with communities to reintroduce tree species that protect and restore the region's biodiversity. Taaru Askan is also an instructional farm that is dedicated to growing Senegal’s organic farming movement by supporting local farmers, with a focus on youth and women.


Mission Statement

In Wolof -a language predominantly spoken in Senegal- Taaru means beauty and Askan means community.  We believe our mission is to beautify (enhance) the environment that we inhabit, bring together a community dedicated to preserving our biodiversity, and to promote sustainable farming practices. 


What We Do

As a model instructional farm and environmental center, Taaru Askan works to:

  • Safeguard and restore biodiversity in Senegal by farming a variety of vegetables and re-introducing native fruit and medicinal trees that have been disappearing from Senegalese landscapes.

  • Work closely with communities and key stakeholders to replant essential native trees in areas significantly impacted by climate change

  • Collaborate with educators and local, national, and international partners to develop standards for growing organic crops and marketing organic produce grown in Senegal.

  • Build a community of farmers, consumers, researchers, and volunteers that promote organic farming methods and sustainable economic development. 

  • Lead a study abroad program that facilitates dynamic cultural exchanges and new partnerships for the next generation of actors in the worldwide organic movement.

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